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Sep 28, 2008


Actual footage from our bed bath return demo.

I admit that bathing is a very refreshing, stimulating, thirst-quenching thing to do. But this ones entirely different! We all had the chance to be the patient(the one to be bathed), and I thought at first that this is gonna be great! A break from our stressful days. But it just turned out to be a more stressful day for us! Instead of having that, refreshing, stimulating, thirst-quenching feeling, we all ended up with head aches and an icky feeling! Unless for patients who haven't bathed for years of course! haha! But one things for sure, I WON'T BE BED BATHED AGAIN! NO MORE! ^_^


Gem December 9, 2008 at 3:18 AM  

Ikaw ang pinaliguan? So you get to see each others' "kwan" and wash these?

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