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Sep 18, 2008


I. Definition

  1. Bed making - is the art of arranging linens
  2. Closed Bed - is used to designate the hospital bed which remains empty after admission of another patient.
  3. Open bed - used to designate the hospital bed when it is occupied or about to be occupied by a patient.
  4. Ether bed or anesthetic bed - is one which it is made ready to receive a patient who has undergone anesthesia.
II. Preparation
  1. 2 white sheets
  2. 1 draw sheet
  3. 1 rubber sheet
  4. 1 bath towel
  5. 1 hand towel
  6. 1 face towel
  7. 1 pillow
  8. 1 pillow case
  9. 1 bedspread
  10. 1 blanket
III. Procedure
  1. Arrange the linens in order as they are needed
  2. Bring the preparation to the bedside of the patient
  3. Take the bottom sheet; spread it on the mattress, placing the smaller hem at the foot part. Place it lengthwise on the middle of the mattress with the side equidistant from the center
  4. Tuck the sheet under the head of the mattress. Miter the corner along the near side.
  5. Place the rubber sheet 18 inches from the head part of the mattress. Place the draw sheet.
  6. Spread top sheet on the mattress with wrong side up, making even the edges of the bed. Draw all linens tight and tuck under the mattress.
  7. Fold top sheet back to 18 inches
  8. Place the pillow case and put it at the head part of the bed. Cover with top sheet.
  9. Fold the towel into three sections and fold into two.
  10. Hang over at the top of the bed with free or loose ends out of sight
  1. Prepare the materials needed (same as closed bed)
  2. Replace the top sheet with bath blanket. Loosen all the bed linens from all sides of bed. Go to opposite side of bed and draw the patient towards you. Return to the work side of the bed.
  3. Fanfold the bottom sheet, rubber and draw sheets in irregular folds to the center of the bed.
  4. Place a clean bottom sheet, the rubber sheet and the draw sheet on the bed in the position described for closed bed.
  5. Tuck the top sheet, miter the corner then pull the loose ends on the bed and the draw sheet. Tuck in together with the bottom sheet.
  6. Fanfold the halt of the clean sheet close to the patient along with the half of the rubber sheet and the draw sheet.
  7. Roll the patient gently over the folded sheets to the near side of the bed.
  8. Go around to the other side of the bed, remove the soiled bottom sheet and pull the fan folded sheet at the side and make bed as it was done on the opposite side. Fold the soiled linens and place it at the foot part of the bed.
  9. Remove the bath blanket and put on the top sheet. Miter the corner as in the closed bed but care is taken that they are loose enough at the foot top to prevent pressure on the patient's feet.
  10. Straighten the upper edge of the cover, fold neatly and put clean pillow
  11. Change the soiled wash cloth, bath and hand towels with fresh ones.
  12. Rerturn chair and bedside table to proper place
  13. Place all soiled linens in the linen hamper.


kristenne September 27, 2008 at 9:00 AM  

makamatay na bed making....makamatay kung naay COMATOSE PATIENT kunohay! hehe :)

janmck September 28, 2008 at 2:04 AM  

tin?? kaw na best?? hahaha! well thanks for commenting! hehehe! mao jd tin! ahak kau bug.at patiente!!

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