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Dec 9, 2008

Community Health Nursing: What's so good about it??

I should have posted this topic long ago but I always forgot until it finally went out of my mind. It just came back to me when we started discussing again about Community Health Nursing in our lecture today. So, I would like to share some of my experiences on our CHN duty or Community Health Nursing and what's so good about it.

I'm used to hearing my sister say that having a duty in the hospital is better than in the community. She said that it's very tiring when in the community. But when it was my turn to have a duty in the community, I proved her WRONG!! ^^ My experience in the community was great. We had great time with my RLE group. And do you want to know what made it so great??

this!and this!
food!and more food!!

The first three photos were taken in the house of one of the families assigned to one of my classmate to conduct a study for our Family Heal Survey and Family Nursing Care Plan. His family was so nice. His family cooks food and sells it in their community, and we "the guys" were the luck ones to taste it! And I tell you, It tastes great! The food was a "tinola" or "souped-fish" It really was a great time for us! The fourth photo (I hate this photo, I'm nowhere to be found because I was the one taking the picture!!) was taken in a bakery just in front of the Barangay Health Center!

It's just not the food that makes it great. When pre-natal day comes, Dozens of mother's with their babies come and our task that time is to take their vital signs. I volunteered myself to be the one taking the mother's blood pressure and the babies temperateure rate. It was cool because there's just so many mothers and I get to practice my blood pressure taking skills, and in the shortest period of time, to cater all of the mothers. We also had our flower arrangements while in the community.

And after the fun day, we again took pictures, this time, with me, because the one taking the picture was already the Barangay Health Worker.

The Group 5 Girls

The Complete Group 5 Members


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