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Nov 15, 2008


Cancer- abnormal cell growth in the body
 rapidly dividing cell
 60% with pain
 Cause: UNKNOWN

Common cellular terms used in alterations
• Hyperplasia- increase in the # of cell
• Hypertrophy- increase in the size of the cell
o Frequently used inflammation
o DILANTIN (Phenytoin) – gingival hyperplasia
o Nursing Responsibility: oral care, soft bristled tooth-brush
• Atrophy- decrease in size of cell
• Metaplasia- conversion of one type of cell into another type
o Normal lung is line with epithelial cell  smoke change into epithelial cell
• Dysplasia- disorganized cell – change of size, shape and function
• Anaplasia- complete undifferentiation of the cell
o Differentiation- ability of the daughter cell to copy the characteristics of the parent cell
• Neoplasm- mutant change in the cell

Categories of Malignant Neoplasm
1. Carcinoma – epithelial cell  all linings of organs, SKIN ca Basal cell carcinoma, Squamous cell carcinoma
2. Sarcoma- connective tissue – bone, joints, cartilage, muscle, fats, skin, blood vessels
3. Lymphoma- Lymphatic tissue  Hodgkin’s Disease
4. Leukemia/Myeloma- blood-forming organs  bone-marrow
5. Adenocarcinoma – glandular tissue- mucous glands

1. Cellular Transformation and Derangement Theory – environmental & exposure to carcinogen
2. Failure of immune Response Theory- physiologic

AGE- single most important risk factor for Ca

1. Infiltration Stage- 1st time that normal cell is exposed to carcinogen
 Genetic change- still reversible
2. Promotion – subsequent exposure to carcinogen
 Dysplacia – anaplastic cell
3. Progression stage- irreversible change in the cell metastasize

Metastases- spread of Ca cells to other organs
 Area with increase vascularity or increase in blood supply
 Nearest organ
Primary site- where the Ca develops originally



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