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Oct 10, 2008


Yeah! At long last! I was able to open my blogger account! It's been a while since I last posted something on my blog! I missed blogging sooooo much! And I'm also very happy that ALL our requirements in school is already done! And only 3 more days to go.. It's already our final exams! Then.... semestral break! Yipee! I'll be able to blog all day and all night! Can't wait!!! ^_^

Hmmm.. You might be wondering now why the title of this posts is "Student Nurses are also Information Technology Students". Actually, one of our requirements for our final exams in our Information and Communications Technology Subject (or is otherwise known as "Computer Subject") is to create two videos. One is a music video and the other one is a documentation film. My group is required to make an OPM (or Original Pinoy Music) music video and our chosen song was Magbalik by Callalily. The setting of our video is just in our school and the story is about a Guy who was caught by his girlfriend dating with a "gay" guy! His girlfriend dumped him and because of his depression, he ate too much "side-street" food. Unfortunately, Karma maybe, the guy got LBM (Loose Bowel Movement) and always going back to the CR. Magbalik in english simply means "to return" which is also our point in the movie, to Return to the CR! ^_^ Fortunately, he bumped on a Girl (who was also eating the "side-street" food) in the CR!

And since I was not able to blog for a long time, this is my treat for you guys! This is the fruit of our labor, from our tiring, stressful but fun week! Hope you enjoy the movie! And for those who want to download the movie.. I'm currently uploading it right now. I'll put a link for download after the upload is done. Thanks! Enjoy our movie! And by the way, our Instructor in ICT will choose the best movie and he'll exempt the members to take the final exams. And guess what? Our movie was chosen as the best! And that means, I won't have to take the final exams! WEEE! Anyway, enough talking. Just enjoy our movie! Please care to leave a comment too! ^_^

CR Guy: Ryan Go
GF: Jaye Boco
CR girl: Keeshia Solon
Gay/Bass Guitar: Christian Caperol
Guitar/Vocals: yours truly.. ME!
Camerwoman: Tasha Sevilla
Movie Maker/Editor: Paul Salomson

UPDATE: And yes! the upload is done! You can download the video here. Just CLICK HERE!


sheena :) October 10, 2008 at 9:03 AM  

hahaha, nice inyu music vid, jan! funny kau ang scenes sa cr. wa ko ka.gee much! ;p :))

update nya if mg.upload npud kag vid from other grups. ^^

janmck October 10, 2008 at 9:13 AM  

hehehe! tnx sheen! naa mn ang story dha.. ako gisuwat.. pero ang uban an kay puro na jd binuang.. kadtong mga guitar2 sa cr! haha!

sure2! ako lage gipa send ilang vids nko.. ^_^

gabbie.roxie.<3 October 17, 2008 at 7:44 AM  

love this vid!
super lingaw.

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